About RVG Educational Foundation

RVG EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION , located in the heart of western suburbs of Mumbai have state of the art hostels for students from Rajasthan & other parts of the country aspiring the professional course of Chartered Accountancy.

For a person coming to Mumbai for higher studies, it is the first big challenge to find a shelter at affordable cost and at times it becomes a decisive factor in continuance of studies for many academically brilliant students. In this context, RVG Educational Foundation provides ‘The First Home’ facilities to the students, fulfilling their need of not only the shelter but also a cohesive atmosphere for studies and overall professional development, thereby helping them to achieve their dream of higher studies and become responsible citizens of the country. Over the years, the RVG Educational Foundation has turned into a ‘Factory of Chartered Accountants’ and the pride RVG Educational Foundationians have reached to niche positions in the Industry and their practice of chartered accountancy.

Since its inception the RVG Educational Foundation has produced more than 6000 chartered accountants. It has been a tradition of the RVG Educational Foundation to find some of its brilliant students in the Merit List of examinations conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India from time to time. The RVG Educational Foundation is proud of its four students getting 1st Rank (Gold Medal) so far in their respective CA Final examinations:
Year Name of the Student
1966 Shri Ladhulal Jain
1982 Shri Lalit Dangi
1990 Shri Sanjay Kumar Khemani
2009 Shri Giriraj Ajmera
Emphasis on overall development of Students:-
At RVG Educational Foundation,Emphasis is given on overall grooming and character building of Students. Induction program is being organized on admission of new students. Proper Attention is given to every student’s Problems and appropriate solution is suggested to them.

Students celebrate various festivals like Holi, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Republic Day, Independence day etc. with immense pleasure and enthusiasm.

The RVG Educational Foundation observes a complete ‘No Smoking’ & ‘No Alcohol’ environment as students know it very well that strict disciplinary action including expulsion from the hostel would be taken for violation of rules of the hostel. In this manner the students learn to live with good habits in a disciplined environment which is necessary for their overall self development.
RVG Educational Foundation was established in the year 1957 with the following aims and objectives:
  • To arrange for the studies, boarding and lodging of students in general and Rajasthani Students in particular who are preparing for CA examinations.
  • To encourage and promote Arts, Literature, Culture and Science.
  • To establish Libraries, Reading rooms, Sports clubs, Gymnasiums, Research Laboratories, etc.
  • To arrange Lectures, Debates and Publications.
  • To distribute Scholarships and Prizes.
  • To establish, conduct and held such institutions.
  • Family Atmosphere
The RVG Educational Foundation Campus
RVG Educational Foundation campus consists of four hostel premises namely :-
  • “Madanlal Rajpuria Vidyarthi Griha” consisting of ground + 4 floors with total capacity of approx. 300 Boy students.
  • “Agrawal Oswal Chhatrawas” consisting of ground + 5 floors with total capacity of 210 Boy students on triple sharing basis with attached toilet & bath.
  • “Vijay Shrigopal Khetan Girls Hostel” consisting of ground + 4 floors with total capacity of 136 Girl students.
  • “Premlata Rameshchandra Sharma Girls Hostel (Versova)” consisting of ground + 6 floors with total capacity of 149 Girl Students.
In Room Facilities:
  • Separate bed, study table, wardrobe etc. for each student in the rooms.
Common Facilities
  • Air conditioned Auditorium with capacity of 400 persons,
  • Air conditioned Seminar Room and Conference Room with capacity of 70 persons,
  • Air Conditioned Board Room with capacity of 50 persons,
  • E-Library and book library for use of students (in progress),
  • Air conditioned Gymnasium with various modern equipments,
  • Ample common area at each floor for interaction among students,
  • TV Room,
  • Student Mess(Pure Vegetarian) with hygienic food facilities,
  • RVG Educational Foundation Distant learning Institute in association with ETEN CA,
  • RVG Educational Foundation Computer Training centre managed by ICAI,
  • Extension Counter of ICAI.
Eco Friendly Energy and Water Systems
Hot water facility is provided through Solar heating system and the lighting is provided through eco-friendly LED lights. The Rain Water Harvesting system is installed to charge the rain water into the earth and bore well water is used for the purpose of cleaning, sanitation flushing etc., thus providing the eco-friendly environmental conditions.